Hello Infinity Smart Boxers!

Here’s some of the latest Infinity Smart Box news

Infinity Smart Technology Inc and The Dev Geeks successfully launched the ISB 3.0 on 10/01/17 and now just months later customers in the U.S. will have the opportunity to get there hands on the brand new ISB 3.0 at 50% off the regular price of $350.00 this coming Black Friday.The more seasoned yet still awesome ISB 2.0 will also go on sale at 40% its regular price of $225.00. Supplys on the ISB 2.0s are limited.Infinity Smart Technology Inc. CEO Hawaiiloa Mowat did confirm that Infinity Smart Technology Inc. will also be participating in a Cyber Monday sale of 25% off on both the ISB 3.0 and ISB 2.0.

The ISB 3.0 has had great reviews thus far.Customers are very pleased with their ISB 3.0 purchase.We are getting emails,texts,comments and messages from customers around the globe expressing there gratitude over their ISB 3.0 purchase. Donald Hayden of TX says “The ISB 3.0 is definitely a game changer I am a customer and I am very satisfied” Kuaiali’i Jeremiah testified “Amazing how smooth ISB 3.0 is Wicked Tuna,Girls Trip and Wonder Woman,one after another, Zero Buffering! Now this is “THE” Box!” and the great comments and testimonies go on and on.

The Infinity Smart Box ISB 2.0 is our launch product and it served us all well and continues to serve us well but the ISB 3.0 is the bar raising device that simply cannot be beat.It is the device that defines the name Infinity Smart Box.It is a box shaped device that gives you endless home entertainment and smart home options. Infinity Smart Technology went in even more on the ISB 3.0 when it comes to specs as the 3.0 is loaded with 3gb CPU and 16gb Nano Flash with 2 Wifi antennas for a stronger and longer rage of wifi.The 3.0 is not and i repeat not a Kodi box.It is a Android Box with endless options made easily available for you including Kodi and what it has to offer.

The ISB 3.0 has expanded what the 2.0 could offer with more Movie,Tv show,Sports,Apps,video game music and application options then the 2.0 has offered us in the pass and offers in the present.So while the ISB 2.0 was the best buy in 2016 over its competiotors the ISB 3.0 smashes the competition by upgrading what the 2.0 could offer and Infinity Smart Technology Inc. and The Dev Geeks have just begun.Stay tuned to the latest ISB news as we keep you all updated on the latest and greatest in the Infinity Smart Box world!